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Ron DiCianni responds to Pentagon Censoring his work

Internationally Acclaimed Fine Artist, Ron DiCianni, releases a personal statement about the removal of this work from the Mountain Home Air Force Base following an anonymous complaint sent to the Pentagon:


Recently, it has been brought to my attention that one of my paintings was taken down from Mountain Home Air Force Base because an anonymous person was offended at the “religious” nature of the painting. The title of the painting is Blessed Are The Peacemakers. It depicts a policeman in the foreground with a “ghosted” figure of a medieval knight behind him, as a symbol of the proverbial, “White Knight” that defends the innocent and comes to the rescue of the oppressed, and is a deterrent to all who mean harm to the helpless.

Many have commented on the meaning of the painting, but no one, thus far, has asked me why I painted it or it’s intended significance. Let me offer that here:

I did a series of paintings right after the tragic events of September 11th 2001. The series was meant to highlight and honor those brave service people who stood guard over us and some even paid the ultimate price. There were five paintings in all.
I was spurred on to do the paintings of these brave people because my own son was a firefighter during that September attack. He asked me to do something visually for those brave men and women, thus the “Hero Series” was born.

I am still trying to piece together the reasons that the print of Blessed Are The Peacemakers was found to be so offensive. Was it the policeman? Was it the “White Knight”? Was it the reference to Jesus’ words, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”?

If it was the policeman, then I am mystified why anyone would be offended by those we call to protect us in an emergency.

If it was the “White Knight” I wonder what about that symbolism is offensive, since most would want their daughters to be rescued by a “White Knight”, wouldn’t they?

If it is the title from Matthew 5 then it clearly points to a hatred and despise of Christ and the Bible, which our nation was founded on. During September 11th, our nation recognized the Sovereignty of God and as a people were unit in asking His help on our land. Has something changed? If the quote or title were derived from Plato, would that have made it more acceptable?

I am unable to perceive how such a positive message could be so offensive to a few that would seek to remove it.

Ron DiCianni - Temecula, CA - June 4, 2013


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Show of Ron DiCianni's work in SoCal

March 22 - April 6th enjoy a FREE show of Ron DiCianni's original artwork in Temecula, CA.

Masterpiece Fine Arts Foundation is putting on a show of original art to include several DiCianni paintings.

The Show is open Sun, Mon, Wed and Fridays.

For more information, please contact:

The Genesis to Revelation Alliance with Animals Exhibit
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Rancho Community Church and Schools
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Temecula, California 92592

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Mon., Wed., Fridays. 10 - 4
*April 7 - 11th group tours available by appointment
Call 951-303-6789

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Listen LIVE on April 3rd

Join Before I Formed You Foundation Co-Founders Ron and Grant DiCianni as they share the vision God has given them for the Foundation LIVE on American Family Radio's "Today's Issues".

You can tune in April 3rd at 10:15am Central/8:15am Pacific and listen to AFA president Tim Wildmon interview Ron and Grant. This program can be heard on over 250 radio stations coast to cost. Please join us!

Or listen online at:

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A New Art School... from Ron DiCianni!

One of the top questions we hear is "Does Ron ever teach any art classes?" If you've ever wondered that, or called to ask it yourself you heard this answer "Not right now, but something is in the works".

We are very excited to tell you that "something" is now a reality! Introducing the Ron DiCianni Artist's Workshop, in partnership with Rancho Christian School. Whether you are just starting to develop your God-given artistic talent, a gifted amateur looking to take your skill to the next level or a proven professional looking to hone your gift under the guidance of a master; the Artist Workshop has something for you.

Find out more at and join Ron on March 23rd at 6:30pm at the RCC campus (Temecula, CA) for a special time of sharing the vision of this incredible new school.


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Ron DiCianni @ Crossroads Church this Sunday!

Another chance to hear Ron share his story in person!

Ron DiCianni will be speaking this Sunday at Crossroads Church (Temecula, CA) to talk about his latest painting and the mission behind it. Service times 9 & 11am Feb 10th. 2013

If you're in the area please join us for this special service, a chance to meet Ron and an opportunity to see what the Before I Formed You Foundation does, up close and personal.

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