Tapestry Productions is pleased to feature some of the top Christian artists in the world today. From the powerfully inspired art of Ron DiCianni to soft and provocative pieces by Michael Dudash, all of Tapestry's artists seek to communicate a message of God's love and power through a visual format. Many of the Biblical prints have descriptions in the artist's own words which helps bring the viewer a little closer to seeing each brush stoke. Our goal is that one of these pieces will speak its message so powerfully that you will invite it into your home and communicate its message to your family and friends. Enjoy!

Spotlight on: Ron DiCianni

Ron DiCianni

Tapestry Productions showcases the art, framed prints, paintings and biblical art of Ron DiCianni. Ron DiCianni is the acclaimed artist of Spiritual Warfare, In the Wilderness and Praying for Peace, all of which are avalible as framed art prints. Ron DiCianni’s paints the truths of God’s Word and the Christian life to bring people face-to-face with Jesus Christ through paintings.

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