The Cross

The Cross

Have you ever wondered who was assigned the task of actually nailing Christ to the cross? What was his name? Was he reluctant to do it, or was it simply another command to be obeyed? Did he realize what he had done shortly after, like the centurion in Luke 23:47? Most of all…did he repent? While we can speculate about that man, each of us knows him intimately. We did it – our sin put Jesus on that cross. In The Cross, Ron DiCianni brings to life the fact that it is not possible to become a Christian until the devastating news hits you that you are responsible for putting Christ up there on that cross (I John 1:8). Will we turn and walk away or will we fall to our knees in repentance? The man in The Cross represents each of us who fell to our knees – who knew that we put the nails in His hands and feet and who knew that He died for us.

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13.875 X 18 $175.00
Framed OE Canvas
13.875 X 18 $275.00
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