Were You There?

Were You There?



There is no adequate way to truly describe the power and incredible impact of Were You There? except to say that every Christian should have 2 copies…one to help them better experience the life and death of our Savior and one copy to give away to an unsaved friend. Within 90 days of its release, Were You There? Find Yourself with Christ became a best seller, the subject of dozens of interviews and was also featured by the nation’s largest Christian Book Club. Over 180 pages of powerful artwork and gripping narrative draw the reader into 31 first-person encounters with Jesus Christ. After reading the last page, you’ll have to wonder…were you there?


Gabriel’s Message, The Nativity, Heaven’s Loss, The Shepherd’s Visit, Simeon’s Moment, The Forerunner, In the Wilderness, The Leper, The Truth, The Sinner, The Sower, The Touch, The Storm, Mercy, Bartamaeus, The Prodigal, The Widow’s Mite, The Servant, In the Garden, Peter’s Denial, The Judging of Jesus, The Cross, Resurrection Morning, Forgiven, He Holds the Keys, Messenger, Heaven’s Door, Safely Home, Revelation 4.


I once read that Oswald Chambers accused Christians of having lost their imagination. I tend to agree and that’s why I think Were You There? is so necessary. I have found that God’s Word has taken on a new dimension in my life as I allow my imagination to read along with my mind! Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like when the woman with a disease reached past all the other cloaks to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. It sends chills up my spine! That’s the hope I have for Were You There? - that with each of the stories and paintings you will be transported in time to find yourself as an eyewitness to an encounter with Jesus.

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